Genet's Bastardo

Pity biznis

George has gotten even crazier than before. He acts erratically and has frequent verbal outbursts of incoherent rage. None of my friends can stand him, not rent boys or sexpats, and I’ve asked him not to sit with me in the Kavarna if I’m with someone else. Yet I still care for him. I still give him money to eat, but instead of buying real food, he usually feeds his junkie need for sugar by purchasing 10 or so candy bars.  I chastise him, but he just laughs. …

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How I Won a Boy at Pinnochio

Breederboy scooped me on my own story in the early hours of this morning. That was only because I was busy enjoying the door prize I won earlier that evening during Pinocchio Prague’s raffle: veteran Prague rent boy Vašek. I’ve wanted Vašek for quite some time, even though, in the parlance of Pinocchio regulars he’s a furniture …

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