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I’ve made my second proposal to a boy in three days. My friend Manchester Lee says I’ve always been looking for love, but that hasn’t felt true to me until recently. Before someone calls me a fool, I should say that I know that if you’re looking for love at the station, or among rent boys in general, you’re in for some serious disillusionment, pain, and probably some missing material possessions.

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In Pinocchio, things got a little more interesting. Marek loosened up. Considerably. He asked for a beer instead of cola. He couldn’t take his eyes off the porn. He put his arm around me as we were sitting there. And. Kissed me. Sexily and uniquely, in a way I can’t adequately describe. He licked and sucked my lips from one side to the other, tongue-in all the way as he did so. Pulling back a bit, he licked his own lips and smacked them. Then he smiled and laughed.

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