Prague Rent Boys – Part One

I lived for 6 months in Prague among that beautiful city’s rent boys — drinking, fucking, and learning how to write my heart out.

This is the full, untold story, Part One.

Originally published between September 2003 and March 2004.

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Slovak Pavel

Originally published on September 9, 2003 in Prague, the Czech Republic. I was here only two days and had my first boy, passed on by my American buddy, ChrisChris was undoubtably my best friend among the sexpats in Prague. He was a 60-something antiques dealer who moved to Prague mostly to escape the… Más, …

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Originally published on September 18, 2003. My friend Bob finally came back into town and he and I, along with other American friends of his, headed off to PinocchioPinocchio Prague was my favorite of the mainstream rent-boy clubs in Prague, which really isn’t saying much since I could only rarely afford the prices… Más, …

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Introducing Radovan

Finally got an apartment! I sign the lease tomorrow so I’m not celebrating until then. Nevertheless, I had my first boy over, whom the rest of my friends here have dubbed Ambulance Boy. He’s the same shaved headed thang I procured for Paul and Marty on a previous night and since they made him cum …

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Pavel in black-mesh sports briefs

Holy fuck, does my crotch smell like jizz! Usually does really, even when I’m not getting laid this much. Jack-off junkie, that’s me. I have a habit of slipping my hand down my shorts, either scratching my pubes or cupping my balls, takin’ my fingers out and smelling them. The combo of ball sweat, jizz and piss — yum!

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