Chicos de alquiler de Praga - Segunda parte

I lived for 5+ years in Prague among that beautiful city’s rent boys — drinking, fucking, getting fucked, pimping, falling in love, and writing my heart out.

Then, they deported me.

This is the full, untold story, Part Two.

Originally published between July 2005 and October 2008.

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I wanna hold your…

Just a sidenote: I was getting hard find these photos of George on flickr. I’m getting hard writing this. Not many could see what I saw, but what a nice cock and bush.

House of Boys

The featured image is of Dominik, a nice kid and cute, very popular; but he never lived with me. Many punters in the scene got mad at me when I took him out of circulation and gave him to my sponsor. More on him in the subscriber-only section.

Radovan returns

Radovan was the first Prague rent chico I made friends with. We had our ups and downs, but somehow always ended up drinking beers together.

I couldn’t do it

I leave Radovan alone. Breeder Chico

When the cat’s away…

I’d been wondering what GeorgeGeorge was in his late 20s when introduced to me by Daniel, my live-in Roma “boyfriend” whom I had during my first six months in… Más was going to do once we had some time alone. I didn’t have long to wait. His girlfriend had gone home early yesterday morning …

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