U Rudolfa


New content! Free for a limited time. Before homelessness, before pimping, before Pavel’s endless kisses and Marek’s endless drama, there was MikiMiki was a tough, butch, lean, white Moravian Czech rent boy with an amazing ass. Like Pavel, he was a great kisser and would often… More and our endless drinking. I first met MikiMiki …

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My Reader from Holland

Met up with a blog reader, an exceedingly cool, and actually kinda’ cute [I’m hedging so as not to embarrass him] guy from Holland, who proceeded to get me drunker than I already was, having imbibed four Staropramens at Jen’s massive, vaulted flat while pigging out on KFC’s Piknik Menu and watching Billy Wilder’s so-so Sabrina with a young Audrey …

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Cheatin’ time again, ctd.

This story has gone on too long; I need to get past it. GeorgeGeorge was in his late 20s when introduced to me by Daniel, my live-in Roma “boyfriend” whom I had during my first six months in… and I go to Rudolfa. He sees a young, femmy guy at a table, who’s a bartender …

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