Free blowjobs from grateful rent boys

I might not take Miro’s kisses but I will take the occasional hot blow job in the station toilets like I got a couple days in a row from Martin, one of the boys I found for Richie last week. Martin was grateful to me, his pimp, I guess, for making more money in fifteen minutes than he had in the whole month previous working at an in-the-black construction site.

Pavel in black-mesh sports briefs

Holy fuck, does my crotch smell like jizz! Usually does really, even when I’m not getting laid this much. Jack-off junkie, that’s me. I have a habit of slipping my hand down my shorts, either scratching my pubes or cupping my balls, takin’ my fingers out and smelling them. The combo of ball sweat, jizz and piss — yum!

Sex in Letna Park

I don’t have the money to buy boys anymore and I don’t have the patience nor the emotional fortitude to deal with guys like Mirek who want to test their loyalty to their boyfriends by teasing me. So, I headed off to Letna Park one night last week to see what could be seen and to find out if I had the guts to do anything about it once I saw it. I found a hot, muscular gypsy boy ready to get down.

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