After consulting with Rivadavia’s radiation doctors — and getting yet another doctor’s finger wiggling up my ass — the whole department encouraged me to forego treatment in the public hospital and instead seek treatment in a private clinic. The head of the department said that the machines in the public hospital were obsolete and would …

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The waiting

I’ve been impressed before with the relative lack of bureaucracy involved in obtaining free health care in Buenos Aires. Basically, show up, show your documents — a U.S. passport is as valid as an Argentine DNI — tell them what’s wrong, fill out a few forms and get treated. I’ve always gotten the feeling that …

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I have cancer

On November 30 I entered Rivadavia public hospital in Buenos Aires with severe peretonitis caused by a 5 cm tumor blocking my lower intestine. Emergency surgery removed half the tumor and repaired the perforation of my colon. (Well, actually, they cut off the dead part of my colon and stitched up the two loose ends.) …

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