Enter Roman

BryanBryan was an American expatriate and English teacher who became a blogger (The Homersexual) after he read mine. After getting stabbed in Moscow by two…, aka Homersexual, arrived in Prague last night, fleeing Moscow as fast as he could and giving three of the Web’s most prominent rent-boy bloggers — Breederboy and his bf Laco also joined BryanBryan …

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Pinocchio Tombola

Unbelievably, and yet somehow predictably (I was wearing my lucky t-shirt after all), I won the boy raffle (tombola in Czech) for the fourth time last night at PinocchioPinocchio Prague was my favorite of the mainstream rent-boy clubs in Prague, which really isn’t saying much since I could only rarely afford the prices….  Breederboy had given me his …

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Yes, I won again! (another boy at Pinocchio)

I’m a lucky dog. This past Friday I again won the first prize in Pinocchio’s weekend raffle. Okay, I did have ten tickets, thus 10 times as many chances to win as someone who only had one, but then other sexpats in the room had ten tickets as well. Clint came up and congratulated me …

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