Rarely watched trains, part two

Before we left the stationPrague’s main train station, where I spent a lot of time picking up boys., MiroMiro was a tall, gay Czech from Plzeň whom I met while we were both homeless in the station. He was already pimping when I… More and Laco wanted something to eat and while we were waiting …

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Aventures in the Dark with Pavel

Calling Pavel a rent boy is like calling Einstein a scientist, or James Franco an actor. Pavel and I got into a lot of trouble together, mostly drinking heavily and acting out, and I’ve no doubt that I’ve kissed him more than I’ve kissed any other man ever, even long-term boyfriends. Most people who saw us out together thought we were boyfriends, and we were, of a sort. Whatever we were, it was a unique relationship. Speshool, as Pavel might have said. I miss him terribly.

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