Když jsme byli naposledy spolu — The last time we were together

“You want suck me, no? You want sex Rudolfa la-tur?”
Here’s the thing. I knew one of us was bound to bring the subject up, and it was what I’d been thinking whenever I found myself wondering where he was, and if I’d ever see him again. But hearing him offer what I thought I wanted, I wasn’t sure I was up for it. I wanted to spend time with him, but I did want a little something more.

Near miss

For the first time, my stomach didn’t churn, my heart didn’t leap, my hands didn’t tremble. Nothing happened at all really, except a small spike in interest, when I saw Marek come out of the station’s second hand shop, pause at the top of the stairs and then go down. One hand was slipped inside …

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