Lost boys and bad behavior

Last night was one of those nights at RudolfaU Rudolfa was not just my favorite bar in Prague, but my favorite bar anywhere I’ve ever been in the world. It was billed as… where the details of what had happened only became clear in the morning and the slow, turgid afternoon. I had a hard …

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Luki’s age

I hocked my phone to get my backpack out of the station’s baggage claim, something I’d successfully avoided doing for several weeks, ever since ChrisChris was undoubtably my best friend among the sexpats in Prague. He was a 60-something antiques dealer who moved to Prague mostly to escape the… More loaned me the 200 Kč …

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Luki looks 15

Luki looks 15, but I’m fairly certain he’s not. I say fairly because I’m still not sure. He’s small, almost petite, and the skin on his face looks flawless and girlishly soft. His features are somewhat delicate and unmanly. His youthful appearance sometimes puts us into awkward situations and so he prefers our nights out …

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