hlavní nádraží

Drama queen at the station

It wasn’t Camp ChrisChris was undoubtably my best friend among the sexpats in Prague. He was a 60-something antiques dealer who moved to Prague mostly to escape the…, either. It was me. About two hours ago, I experienced yet another attempt by a Czech punter — a big, ol’ bald-headed nelly queen — to steal …

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Marek does biznis

Marek said nothing when he went off with the Czech punter. Not “can I” not “should I”, not any word at all. He smiled and raised his eyebrows at me when Arssi asked him to come over and meet the punter; I said nothing. He went anyway. As they were sitting there chatting Marek kept shooting me …

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First look at Marek

I’ve made my second proposal to a boy in 3 days. (You might remember I asked ArssiArssi née Michal was a tall, young, Czech Roma whom I first picked up at Prague’s main train station, hlavní nádraží. He eventually moved in… the other day.) My friend Manchester Lee says I’ve always been looking for love, but …

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Station boy update: The problem with Nik and Enter Dominik

The core of my moneymaking rent boys is changing. I haven’t seen DanielDaniel was a gay Roma boy in his mid-20s. He was my first live-in boyfriend in Prague. He was brown-skinned and a perfect mesomorph, although… since before I went to the Karlovy Vary Film Festiva last week. Everyone is telling me the same …

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Gobsmacked at the station

It’s getting harder and harder, at least this summer it has been, to find boys willing to try the sex biznisThe sex business; sex for money; prostitution This spelling convention was introduced to me by a very personable, cute-as-hell straight Roma boy who hung out… for the first time. I’ve had no problems selling the …

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