My friend Pavel

I know he’s a bit of an alcoholic, but so am I. It has to be one of the reasons we get on so well. PavelPavel was a straight, early-20s Czech rent boy who had a girlfriend and eventually a baby boy. He was the closest thing I had to… says, “One more beer and …

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New content! Free for a limited time. Before homelessness, before pimping, before Pavel’s endless kisses and Marek’s endless drama, there was MikiMiki was a tough, butch, lean, white Moravian Czech rent boy with an amazing ass. Like Pavel, he was a great kisser and would often… and our endless drinking. I first met MikiMiki was …

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RIP Karl

I came to watch him play. For the team he played for: Nazarene Christian, a tiny church school that barely had enough good guys to form a halfway decent basketball squad. The school itself was nestled in a green rectangle off to the side of my own high school. I was 19; he was 15. We’d …

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