Daniel is 24 and a station mainstay, having lived there for about 5 years, so he tells me. It’s almost certain he’s using drugs of some kind, although I haven’t inspected his veins or anything. I know he smokes a lot of weeds but who knows what else goes into his body. Paul told me […]

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Just like that

Daniel-Number-Two’s dick just gets so fuckin’ fat and juicy when he gets hard (which takes about three licks and five seconds) and his jocularity is so disarming that I can mostly forgive his nearly knocking me out with his feverishly masturbating hand. I had to manually slow him down a couple times because his style is completely opposite of David’s and because I’m trying to get them to, well, time their cum shots.

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I woke up with a cock in my ass. Well, really, about one-third of a cock up my ass since, unlike what some of my peers have told me about theirs, my ass has only gotten tighter with age. More than just being awakened suddenly, it surprised me because Daniel hasn’t really been interested in

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