The latest news from the homeless American in Prague

Jen’s landlord nixed my spending the night again. She had been freaked out that I was in the flat when JenJean was a 20-something American expat and artist living in Prague. We were friends until my homelessness came between us. More wasn’t. So last night I walked the streets until 3. The main train station …

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Arssi outside hlavní nádraží

George is a Caped Crusader

After a night of chaperoning Martin in PinocchioPinocchio Prague was my favorite of the mainstream rent-boy clubs in Prague, which really isn’t saying much since I could only rarely afford the prices…, trading punches with skinhead DanielDaniel was a gay Roma boy in his mid-20s. He was my first live-in boyfriend in Prague. He was …

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Arssi in the fantova karvarna, hlavní nádraží

A disappearing post

Note: Fully half of the last post disappeared for some reason. Embarrassing.  I remember writing and working on it, describing how I bought ArssiArssi née Michal was a tall, young, Czech Roma whom I first picked up at Prague’s main train station, hlavní nádraží. He eventually moved in… Chinese food from the only decent činsky  bistro at …

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