Shoplifters of the world…

Originally published on July 26, 2008

Daniel had been gone for almost four days, so when he came back this morning, I asked him if he had any money. When he said no, I sent him out to steal some food for the house.

“OK, Reek, no problem, Me for you.”

Uh huh.

But it’s true: he’s never had any problem steal…shopping for food for the house. If anyone thinks I’m ever going to go hungry putting morality over survival when I have a professional thief sleeping in my bed for free, think again.

However, even though he said “10 minutes maximal,” he didn’t come back and he didn’t come back and he didn’t come back. Dominik and I both thought he must have been nabbed by the coppers. (Yes, Gay Dominik is still here.) I was bummed because he had my Helly Hansen jacket and Ovidiu’s camo shoulder bag, which was much better for slipping food into than my big-ass Jansport.

Exactly 6 hours later he came back with Ovidiu’s backpack full of food: cheese, ham, orange yogurt, sausages — exactly what I’d told him to get when he’d asked me earlier what I wanted.

“I sorry, Reek, ale no beer.”

He told a story about how he tried to exit Albert, a local grocery chain, and was stopped by an arms-crossed security guard. There was a tussle and he had to go the police station. That’s how he lost the ten bottles of Gambrinus.

I think this is a fabrication.

As Dominik says, I don’t even trust Daniel’s “Good morning,” never mind his answer for “Where have you been?” I didn’t bother asking him why the police allowed him to keep the stolen groceries. He thinks I’m stupid anyway.

I’d heard another young man’s voice when he buzzed in, so I looked up the stairs when Daniel entered to see who was hiding out on the landing above—something he used to do frequently, that is, smuggle some homeless kids into the building.

Someone was there, but I couldn’t see his face, just the cuff of his jeans. When Daniel left, I poked my head out just to let Daniel and his buddy know that I knew what was up.

Why Daniel thinks I care that he’s hanging out with some young queen, I really can’t imagine. They’re supposedly off to Gej…zeer to party, um, at 6:30 in the evening? He really does think I’m stupid.

But anyway, I gorged myself on parky and chleb and Ovidiu bought me two piv.

I’m a happy man.

Now if somone would just stick their dick in my mouth…

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