Pinocchio Prague was my favorite of the mainstream rent-boy clubs in Prague, which really isn’t saying much since I could only rarely afford the prices of beer there, never mind the boys. It was located close to hlavní nádraží, Prague’s main train station, where I spent most of my time.

Originally owned by the straight Czech mafia, or so they said, it was bought by a naive American gay dude in 2007, extensively remodeled, and renamed Club Temple. I disliked it even more after that.

Based on some cursory research, it eventually appears to have changed hands and been renamed Up & Down Bar and Club. I guess it’s still a rent-boy bar.

According to a comment on TravelGay, Rebeka and Robert took over. During the Pinocchio days, Rebeka was the guy you paid on your way out of the club, and he was notorious for, let’s just say, creative addition. I wouldn’t patronize anyplace where he was the owner, gay or not.

At one point, Pinocchio started raffling off dates with boys. I won three times. At least two of those times were rigged though. I don’t have that kind of luck naturally.

The featured image shows one of those times. That’s Vašek on my arm. He was upfront about his heroin addiction, and I chose him specifically so that he could score that night. Take that as you will.

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