Craig was a gay American ex-cop from California who found my blog through Google and then became a stalwart supporter.

We became good friends and I’m sure over the years he’s donated at least $5000 USD to me. When he visited Prague, I helped him find boys and when I finally got an apartment, he stayed with me. We shared many, many pivos.

We never shared boys, though, because he liked girly, hairless, white twinks.

He told me more than once that my blog changed everything in that he finally had the courage to live the kind of gay life he wanted.

He doesn’t speak to me anymore, possibly because someone in the Prague scene told him about some of the shadier things I got up to in Prague.

He still visits there as far as I know, although the scene is mostly dead now. His main hunting ground is Romania. He has me to thank for that, too.

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