Arssi outside hlavní nádraží

Arssi née Michal was a tall, young, Czech Roma whom I first picked up at Prague’s main train station, hlavní nádraží. He eventually moved in with me and became a good friend, drinking buddy, sex partner, and erstwhile bodyguard. (A Russian guy scared him one day though, so I had to fend for myself on that occasion.)

He was straight but flexible and seemed unfazed by any of my requests during sex, including punching (which amused him) and mock-fighting (which I had to moderate because he was so strong). He wouldn’t get fucked, however, not even for a new mobile phone. He was a pretty good kisser, too.

I eventually had to kick him out of my flat when I found syringes hidden in the bathroom. Before I left Prague, however, we had a joyous reunion which included toilet-sex at Monty’s. “I very happy see you,” he said. “Very happy.”

I miss that big guy.

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