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Arssi outside hlavní nádraží


Arssi née Michal was a tall, young, Czech Roma whom I first picked up at Prague’s main train station, hlavní nádraží. He eventually moved in with me and became a good friend, drinking buddy, sex partner, and erstwhile bodyguard. (A Russian guy scared him one day though, so I had to fend for myself on …

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The sex business; sex for money; prostitution This spelling convention was introduced to me by a very personable, cute-as-hell straight Roma boy who hung out in the Station’s kavarna. He had been banned from Pinocchio, for some reason, probably for not paying his bar tab. By all accounts, he had a huge dick and was …

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Bohdan was a late-20-something Romany man whom I met in hlavní nádraží and with whom spent a deliriously fun two weeks. I guess you could say I fell for him. Then he stole my camera and I punched him in the mouth. His real name was Milan but there were just too many fucking Milans …

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Breederboy (Steve King) with Laco


Breederboy was Steve King, a British sexpat who moved to Prague after being inspired by my blog. For some time, he was my number-one advocate, but he eventually betrayed me by stealing my “boyfriend,” Marek. He never came clean about that. I would have forgiven him, but you know how these things go, especially between …

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Bryan was an American expatriate and English teacher who became a blogger (The Homersexual) after he read mine. After getting stabbed in Moscow by two street hustlers, he fled to Prague and moved in with me. We were good friends for a while until his amphetamine habit made him an intolerable roommate. He eventually began …

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Camp Chris

Chris was undoubtably my best friend among the sexpats in Prague. He was a 60-something antiques dealer who moved to Prague mostly to escape the banality of American life, but also to pick up young straight men. His stories were even crazier than mine. He was fearless. He helped me enormously during my homeless days …

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Chris Tan

Chris Tan was a john/punter/client who supported me for a couple years when I lived in Prague. I found three young men for him whom he “adopted” and provided for: Dominik, Nikolas, and Pepa. He was of Asian descent and lived in London working as a lawyer. He was eventually arrested by Interpol and charged …

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Craig was a gay American ex-cop from California who found my blog through Google and then became a stalwart supporter. We became good friends and I’m sure over the years he’s donated at least $5000 USD to me. When he visited Prague, I helped him find boys and when I finally got an apartment, he …

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