Waking up with my sleeping bag on fire

Originally published on June 6, 2007.

Despite how cold the nights have been, Marek and I have been warm. There’s the three sleeping bags and then there’s our body heat.

We hadn’t shared bags until last night, when Marek woke me up while trying to get into mine. It was one of those times when being in bed with a lover makes you ravenously, unconsciously horny, even when you’ve been asleep. He was pawing me and gnawing on my neck while trying to get his hand inside my jeans, which were already partially undone. I could hear him exhaling heavily.

Naturally, I woke up with an erection and grabbed him back. It was just two quick, but very erotic and frantic, hand jobs, with the added detail of him putting a finger up my butt and violently rutting against me, trying, I guess, to fuck me.  (I think he’s got a thing for that, based on his attempt at Pinocchio)

After that, the damp and twisted sleeping bags took some time to straighten out. We were sweating and the bags were stinking with it, with all of it. It waasn’t hard to get back to sleep though. With my hand over his slight chest and his nose puffing into my neck, every stink and every drop of sweat and cum added another layer, keeping us warm.

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