So I went a little nuts yesterday…

Originally published on April 25, 2006.

…and spent 800 Kc, fully 75% of my remaining funds but only about 33 USD, to bring two cute Roma boys home from hlavní nádraží, Prague’s main train station. For some reason, I was feeling like it was my last week in Prague and what the fuck did it matter if I spent most of my remaining funds? What else was I going to do with it?

I mean, I really felt that way. 

I’d first seen Michal or Michael [I later came to know him as Arssi] last week in the station’s kavarna. He was sitting with an acquaintance of mine, Mike from Ireland, but Mike was ignoring him. Michal had spotted me as soon as I walked in.  

He had big, oval eyes and a shaved head, was rather tall and broad, the classic swimmer’s build. I’d seen him earlier that day and because he was wearing rather new, rather fashionable clothing and his white shoes were still white, I had erroneously assumed he was not a station biznis boy. Now that I saw him sitting at Mike’s table I knew better.  

He kept looking over at me and smiled big — lots of cute wrinkles, a smile that laughed. I changed tables to sit closer and in front of him. I decided I’d wait Mike out and if he didn’t take him then I would. Then I checked my wallet: Not much more than 500 crowns. So, okay, I’d just talk to him. 

As I was working on my second pivo this tall handsome Romany boy got up abruptly and walked off with his hands in his pockets, looking around, scanning the Kavarna, but not me, as he went toward the stairs down into the main part of the station, with not a glance in my direction. 

“What a stupid boy,” I thought. Here I was obviously interested, cruising him every couple minutes as he sat there – I’d even nodded and smiled a greeting when I’d first sat down – and now here he was strolling away as if I weren’t a potential john. I often think I don’t look like the typical john. Either I wear clothes that the boys themselves might wear, like skater-style Carhartt hoodies…

[weird break in the original post] 

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