Rarely watched trains

Originally published on August 28, 2006.

Laco came back from his biznis with Clint a very happy boy. He told me he came three times and that Clint was very pleased with him. Oh, and there’s the 1000 Kč in his pocket of course.

Since Laco is sharing his money with Miro (they are officially an item now, if not an exclusive couple) and since Miro owes me for the SIM card he fucked up and the resultant credit loss, I kept the full 300 Kč commission from Clint.

The result was a little partying, as usual. But only a little.

I was desperate for something to read and spent 100 on a discount book at Luxor and, oh yeah, I needed to eat. That left a little left over for fresh, unpasteurized Bernard beer at a pub near the station famous for its twin dart boards.

Why not Rudolfa? Miro has been boycotting gay bars because of a couple incidents at Rudolfa involving either drunk, belligerent rent boys or drunk, belligerent punters. We both figured it might be better for our spirits to go to a straight pub where no one noticed us.

On the way out of the station we ran into Pavel. You remember Pavel from a debauched night at Rudolfa. Pavel was with a very drunk Czech punter whom I didn’t know but had seen around the station numerous times. I was neither here nor there about his coming with us but turned out he was the jealous type anyway. Pavel said he would rather come with us and ditched the Czech man. Good. Would leave Pavel’s lips free for me.

The pub was pleasant enough. There were a handful of heterosexual couples and Pavel was his usual gregarious and sensual self, wasting no time getting me to kiss him. Miro and Laco were mashing across the table from us and though I felt a little uncomfortable at first, it was hard to resist Pavel.

I had been speculating recently with Camp Chris that there must be a whole underground Czech punter/station rent boy culture where the boy goes with the man for the price of a night of beers and maybe a Big Mac. I figured that must be why I so easily got Igor into the toilet for a blow job and why Pavel kept on kissing me the other night at Rudolfa.

That night, though, I didn’t have enough for two people and told Miro to make sure Pavel had his own money. Miro translated and immediately Pavel got quiet, though he didn’t lose his smile, took off his ballcap and folded his hands across his chest. I asked what was wrong. He looked at me and smiled a little bigger but spoke to Miro in Czech.

“He thinks we don’t want him here,” Miro related.

Ne, ne, Pavel, no problem. Ale ne mam velmi penize.”

I put my arm around him and nuzzled his neck. He leaned into me and said a little under his breath. “Ok you me go toilet a _sucking _a _sperma?”

I looked at him funny and he said, “No money, no money.”

I laughed and thought about it for a few seconds. He leaned back in his chair waiting for my answer. Miro had heard and asked me why not. I rubbed Pavel’s head and just said, “Ne tady, ok? Potm.” [Not here, ok? Later.]

Pavel shrugged and sipped his beer, still looking a tad sullen. Then I took out my knife and showed him, figuring that few things distract a station boy faster than a sharp knife. I was right.

He was entranced but couldn’t figure out how to open it. When I showed him how to disengage the safety he was thrilled when the blade flicked out of the handle. Of course, he wanted it. I explained that it was dárek, or a gift, from Igor, a kamarád, and that I couldn’t just give it away. He rubbed my head back, kissed me and said “Riki, no problem.” But he didn’t give the knife back, either. I had to gently, oh so gently, remove it from his caressing fingers.

Twenty minutes later we paid the small bill and, being broke, decided to head back to the station. It was almost time for me to head off for my bedroom in the park and I had to retrieve my backpack from the baggage check. Back in the station, and with my big pack on his back, Pavel began talking to Miro and gesturing at me.

“What’s he saying, Miro?” I asked.

Pavel spoke some more and Miro held up his finger for me to wait. A few Czech sentences later Miro translated: “He want go with you.”

“To the park?!”

More translation.

“Yes.” More Czech, more gesturing.

“He like you. He want fuck you. He want suck you. [Beat. Beat.] He likes your knife.”

Well, how could I say no to a compliment cum come-on like that. Pavel figured I had agreed because he looked very happy when he kissed me. Miro suggested a compromise. He had heard through a couple station boys that the trains at Masarykovo nádráží were safe to sleep in. No cops.

“You’re sure? I can’t deal with any police, Miro.”

“We were there last night and no police. Whole night no police. I don’t know why!” Miro explained in his always excited way, waving his hands around.

“Okay. If it means I can fuck Pavel I’ll give it a try.”

Miro told Pavel the plan. He looked pleased and gave me another kiss.

to be continued…

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