Everybody wants Marek

Originally published on June 6, 2007.

I think Alexis (a regular commenter and gadfly) is right, but BB has said the same sort of thing to me in person: Marek is trying to tell me he doesn’t think our relationship will work. [However, I found out the hard way that Breederboy had ulterior motives for expressing these opinions, but that’s a story for another day.] But there are some qualifications to be stated and some stuff I’ve left out of the narrative in order to streamline.

I have never had a relationship with a boy here in Prague that so many people paid so much attention to. First, there were the circling sharks at Valentino and Rudolfa. Then the punter in the Kavarna. Then the man last night.

Someone has been telling Marek that, not only am I taking pervitin, but I’m also dealing. Amazing.

Someone told Marek that I sold boys into white slavery in the U.K. Believe it or not, I’ve actually heard that one before, if not for a while. I’m American, you morons!

Someone also told Marek he shouldn’t hang around a gay pimp, which is not such bad advice.

The strangest interference of all has come from George, who told Marek, in, no doubt, his typically meandering and volatile style, that I am a member of George’s family and if he, Marek, hurts me and makes me cry, then he, Marek, is dead, dead, dead. (I guess, it’s okay to steal from your family members, just don’t break their hearts. Somehow, I’m sympathetic to that logic.) Nope, no pressure there. Marek laughed it off. All he wanted to verify was if George and I were in fact related.

And then there’s Arssi, whose jealousy is obvious. Arssi was the one who set up Marek with the Czech punter. And he was instrumental in getting Marek together with the man the other night. On top of which, Arssi has been making serious moves on me wherever we are, cornering me in the toilets at Rudolfa, telling me that he doesn’t need money every day, that I don’t have to give him as much as I give Marek, that he’s ready to experiment and let me fuck him.

Yes, Arssi has been an unfortunate casualty in this affair. For all I know, he’s the one who’s been feeding Marek these lies.

It gets more complicated. This one Czech punter knows me, slightly, from Rudolfa. He speaks good English. Presumably, he reads English well enough. I could tell the other night before he procured Marek that he recognized me. It was not a friendly look.

After he took Marek off, Arssi showed me a print-out this man had made from a page of this blog, with a post mentioning Arssi. He wasn’t angry that he was mentioned on the Internet — he knows it’s what I do — he was angry because I stated the actual prices instead of exaggerating them.

I don’t think it’s a big leap to think that the punter showed Marek as well. And all Marek has to rely upon is the man’s understanding of my written English and his interpretation for Marek. The man’s totally unbiased interpretation, of course. I also know of a proprietor of a gay business here in Prague who showed Arssi the blog a couple weeks ago, and now has had recent opportunity to show Marek.

I wonder at the motivations of the men who do this. Is it jealousy? Fear of exposure? I find it hard to believe it’s concern for the boys, considering that telling the boys about the blog threatens to disrupt already existing relationships.

For the last year I’ve been giving Arssi at least 50 Kč a day, making sure he has a couple beers a day and cigarettes. Plus occasionally giving him biznis. I’ve been known to hand him 300 Kč just for making out with me in the toilets at Rudolfa.

In addition, Arssi lived with me, with no expectations of payment either in sex or money, for over two months. I wonder if these men are willing to support Arssi and Marek even in the small way that I do. I don’t see it, since both of them were still penniless and homeless in the station as of last night.

I am there, in the station, in their lives. Unlike you.

Get. Some. Fucking. Perspective.

While conceding my own final point, I’m letting myself off easy here. I chose to blog about these boys using their real names and posting their photos. Even if they benefitted from my notoriety, even if they knew about the blog, it was still exploitative.

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