Marek says, I said

Originally published on June 6, 2007.

Marek says he’s been on the street since he was 15. He says his sisters – Jesika, GiGi, Fadi, and three others whose names I can’t remember, plus his brother Leon – have all been adopted by either Czech or American families. Marek says he is the oldest, but no one has ever wanted him.

I didn’t know what to say to that. Other than: I want you.

Marek says he is not a druggie. Marek says, on Saturday night, that he has never done piko or heroin.

On Monday night, Marek says he doesn’t do it anymore.

Marek says the abscess on his arm we’ve spent three days at the hospital getting tended to is not from injection drug use.

I said: I think it is. To myself I said: I will tolerate this now but will not in the apartment.

I said: I think I might love you.

Marek says he doesn’t love me but, “Me for you, is no problem.”

Marek says he’s doesn’t think he is so hesky.

I said he is: very.

Marek wants to know what I see in him. On Friday I said: your body, your skin, your smile, your personality. I said: I think we are sympatik.

On Sunday he asks again why I like him. I said the same things again, then I said:dobre sex.

He sucks on his cig, leans back from the table and laughs, really big. This answer seems to satisfy him because he doesn’t ask again.

Marek says he is straight but he doesn’t like heterosexual porn. He likes bisexual porn. He says he doesn’t like gay porn.

Marek says, in this country, all gay porn is made with heterosexual actors. I said: You’re so right.

Marek says unprompted that he will not steal from me: “Nikdy, nikdy,” he says, shaking his head.

I said nothing.

Marek says he doesn’t know why he couldn’t have sex with me last night. He says he thought he wanted it; and then didn’t.

Marek says he “didn’t have the taste.”

I said: I’ll wait.

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