It’s official: I have stinky Czech feet

Originally published on August 28, 2006.

Despite trying to promote good podiatric health — by taking off my shoes when I sleep, sprinkling my socks with talcum powder and wearing mostly wool ponožky — when I took off my socks to change them in Camp Chris’ flat, the odor nearly, well, knocked my socks off. And Chris’ too.

Anyone who has taken enough boys, whether from the station or from a rent-boy bar, has surely noticed how awful Czech boys’ feet often smell like moldy potato chips. Some boys are even notorious for it, such as my old friend Radovan. And of course, it comes from not bathing often enough and wearing one’s shoes and socks 24 hours a day; but also, it’s from wearing cheap, mostly synthetic socks bought from some Chinese market or from one of the several clothing stalls at the station.

I don’t care what the label says, these are not 80% cotton socks. Judging by how they absorb every body odor, both subtle and base, they must be mostly poly. They should bear a warning label: Prone to holding onto, perhaps forever, extreme funk.

True, it might sound easier to wear these socks and simply throw them away when soiled. At 19 Kč for 5 pairs they’re certainly cheap enough. However, more than likely they are simply worn until they stick to the boys’ feet, the boys become disgusted with them and throw them away. Often, wisely, they throw the shoes away as well.

I’m too cheap or too attached to my clothing selections or just too damn lazy. I was wearing two pairs of such socks underneath my nice L. L. Bean merino wool socks donated by a nice American sexpat and I didn’t pay enough attention.

So, I paid for it; and so did Chris, and possibly his next guests, as well. Humiliating really but also funny. The last attribute added to make me, finally, one of the boys?

Now that it’s much warmer I can sleep barefoot in my sleeping bag, cleaning and airing out my toes every night. I hope that helps.

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