House of Boys

Originally published on June 16, 2007.

George has been gone a couple of days but two of his friends have been camping out on the big couch in the front room, the other half of which also serves as my bedroom. Petr is a quiet 17-year-old Czech boy with wavy, shoulder-length, dark-brown hair, a toothy smile and big hazel eyes. His torso’s flat though his arms and shoulders are big and solid enough. His legs are killer, though: athletic and full and lightly covered by light blondish hair with reddish highlights. As you might guess I’ve looked at them quite a bit since they’re really the only part of him that attracts me.

The other boy is Martin. Martin is George’s best friend at the moment. He claims to be a “white Gypsy.” I don’t know about that or what that even means but he’s tall with dirty blond hair and, if I remember correctly, he also has hazel eyes. His torso is completely smooth and gym toned. He has one of the most classically proportioned and well-muscled upper bodies of any rent boy in Pinocchio and usually carries a 5000 Kc (a little over 200 USD) price tag. He needs to work out his legs more, that’s for sure — they look like a young boy’s a couple years younger than his actual 18; but I’m sure for men into his type he’s a hottie.

George wants to start a House of Boys using my apartment. It’s an idea I toyed with several months ago even to the point of designing and distributing fliers, posters and business cards. Problem was the boys were hard to wrangle. They rarely showed up when they said they would. They never kept their mobile phones for long, always needing money and selling them back to the bazaars where they bought them, and so it was difficult to get hold of the boys when I needed them. I had a few phone calls from interested men and many regulars on the scene encouraged me to make it a weekly house party because so many of them were sick of Pinocchio. Also there are some men who find Prague’s rent boy bar scene a little more public than they’d like. Anyway, my idea never got off the ground. My apartment in Vinohrady was simply too small anyway.

This new flat of mine is quite big with its two floors and, now that I’ve given one of my roommates notice, a free room available for sex. George has managed to convince both Petr and Martin that it would be in their interest to pool their resources, their combined sexual attractiveness and make another go of it. The boys would sleep downstairs and one room upstairs would always be available for clients. It’s not a bad set-up since George always manages to find tourists who either don’t want to or are not able to take boys back to their hotel rooms. And Pinocchio’s 1000 Kc rooms suck — their walls are paper-thin; the beds are hard and disgusting and haven’t been cleaned in years, I would imagine. Plus the power’s always going out and, oh yeah, there’s always the occasional police raid — raids not looking for clients but for runaways and underage boys. Not to mention I don’t feel the assholes that manage and the mafia that run the place really deserve any more gay money than they already get. The boys have already managed to give me rent this month plus some pocket change for food, which is more than I can say for the Czech roommate whom I’m kicking out. We’ll see how it goes.

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