A bent dick

Originally published on August 28, 2006.

Laco came back yesterday from a couple more days with Woody. He had some cash, a new phone and plenty of gossip.

Woody is in Amsterdam at the moment and, even though he originally promised Laco a room in a hostel for the week he’s gone, he told Laco to come to me and maybe I could put him up. WTF? Given all the crap he’s fed this boy — promising him a visa to America, buying him a laptop — it looks like one of those sex tourists who are acting out father/son fantasies with no real intentions of following through. Unless he’s really an idiot, Woody must know how difficult it is to get jobless boys from Central European countries a visa for the States. It practically requires an act of Congress.

I told Laco all this, through Miro, and Laco just shrugged and began telling us of the sexual travails he had been through over the last week. He showed us the length of Woody’s penis — Miro’s little finger — the fact that it was bent downward at a severe angle (Laco reached up and bent Miro’s finger nearly 90 degrees), that Woody had trouble getting it up, requiring Laco to spend “hours and hours” massaging it, and finally, that when Woody finally came it was, prt! just one little drop, so that Laco had trouble telling if Woody came at all.

Laco took this all in good humor, though, and the experience was good enough for him to decide that, hmmm, cock ain’t so bad, because within a few minutes he and Miro were smooching and holding hands. Yah, I felt a twinge of jealousy. Ask BreederBoy. Laco’s a real looker.

Laco showed his correctness by giving Miro some money, buying us all beers and me some polevka. I was pacified if not revenged. Make no mistake, I enjoy helping good clients and good boys for very reasonable prices.

Oh, but if you fuck me…

If I know my down ‘n’ outs by now, and I think I do, Woody probably gave Laco enough money for a hostel but he spent it on something else. By this time, I was making similar decisions — choosing an interesting life on the streets among the boys over a week in a hostel with no extra money or unique experiences. Also, looking back, I’m betting Laco was underage at the time, if not by much.

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