Slovak Pavel

Originally published on September 9, 2003 in Prague, the Czech Republic.

I was here only two days and had my first boy, passed on by my American buddy, Chris, whom I met last year when I visited Prague. I had stayed in the room across from him in the same guest house.

The rent boy’s name was Pavel: Really sweet, mostly straight, Slovak boy, age 19. Kinda skinny, hairy chest and belly, very natural body. Sweet and accommodating and loved to kiss. I had him the first time for 20 USD or 600 Kc, or Czech crowns. I decided not to take pix or video the first time and just do some simple sex. Suckin’ dick, suckin’ face, the basics. I figured I’d build trust and introduce the video and photography the next time.

Truthfully, I don’t remember much about our first sex. I’m always nervous the first time even if I’m paying so that probably had something to do with it. Plus, I’m really not oriented toward orgasms with another person at this point in my life.

I know one of the reasons I moved to Prague was to have regular sex (not necessarily mutual orgasms) or at least regular contact with the kinds of boys I find emotionally satisfying to be around — which usually means: young, at least a tad athletic, or naturally/nicely built; simple but not dumb; complex but not conflicted; that is, not American.

Which is to say I’d rather take these boys’ pictures than be their lovers; which is NOT to say I don’t enjoy suckin’ dick (I do, very much); and Pavel had a very nice dick. Uncut, of course — nothing but foreskin for miles and miles in these parts — and thick when he gets hard, which is easily and quickly. 🙂

I was a tad disappointed that I couldn’t get him hard by kissing him. I had been told by Chris and Mike, who had had him before, that all it took to get him hard was a few kisses. He must not have been turned on by my kissing style or by me, I dunno. I’m not as old or old-looking as either of those very cool guys – hedging – and I often think I’m at a disadvantage with these boys who often use prostitution, partially, as a way to get the daddy they’ve always wanted. Regardless, it took lips on Pavel’s dick to get him hard, and then it was easy after that.

The second time we got together I employed all the multimedia at my disposal: my new super-cool 3-chip Panasonic camcorder, my Canon G2 digital camera, my Yashica GX Rangefinder, and finally, my Apple iSight connected to my TiBook, which I decided to use to get wide coverage of the action.

I might still have this video somewhere. I shot it using stop-motion and added moody electronic music. It pissed off some people when I shared it on XTube because it doesn’t look like anything else on there, but a writer for Art Forum wrote me that “it’s a whole new kind of porn!”

I’m not entirely happy with the results. The most disconcerting part is having to see myself on video. Wow, I’ve certainly become quite chunky around the waist! Honestly, I knew that already but seeing it for that many minutes on video is something else again. I don’t like my laugh either – or my profile; but that’s an old complaint, certainly.

On the other hand, I can confirm, finally, with the opinions of ex-lovers and buddies, that I do have a nice ass, back, shoulders. My legs are certainly as hard and shapely as this 19 year-old boy’s who shared the video frame with me. My chest would be great without the extra 10 lbs or so of flab; but, nevertheless, looks fine in profile. I’m not sure my tummy is ever going to recover, though. And I really don’t have the mass elsewhere to balance it out.

Enough about me. Pavel was very attentive and would have done anything I wanted, it seemed. Call me crazy but I really like to kiss and get jacked off. Apparently, Pavel liked this too ‘cause he made a lot of noise while it was happening. Second time I got him on tape coming into my mouth after jackin’ him off. I kneeled to catch the cum. But, neither video-vantage point caught it too well. I’ve got some great blow-job close-ups, tho.

Pavel says he has four friends who need money and one whom he fucks on a regular basis (seems like most of the male population here is bisexual by default). Definitely gonna get me some of that on tape.

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