Raphael poses, flexes and cums

Originally published on June 16, 2007.

The best things about Raphael were his great interest in seeing himself on video and his willingness to show off for the camera. He’s got a very sinewy, muscular body and spent a lot of time flexing. When he realized I liked it so much, gasping and groaning as I jacked off while he posed in front of me, he got even more into it.

At one point, though, he made me stop so he could see what he looked like. He had never seen himself from the back and when he did, he exclaimed, “Wow.”

I thought it was cute but made him get back to business. At one point, while sucking him he volunteered to man the camcorder so there’s some overhead shots of me suckin’ off his uncut cock.

When he finally does cum, his body is all tensed and muscles bunched up and he drops a big load on the bed. I got some good shots this time, unlike Pavel. Unfortunately, unlike Pavel, I couldn’t persuade Raphael to kiss. He’d tried it a bit with my buddy Chris, he said, but apparently had decided in 24 hours that he didn’t like it much.

Like all the other boys so far, Raphael was in no hurry to leave. He stretched out on the bed and hung out to chat, as much as we could, given the language barrier.

At one point, he got a little playful and lifted his legs back over his head to show a little butthole, grinning from ear to ear. Yup, he’d been in front of a camera before.

Chris told me that he liked to watch his dick go in and out when he fucked (we didn’t do any fucking) so when I saw him at the station I asked if he would fuck a boy in the ass for money. He shrugged and said, “No problem.” I told him that Chris said he liked to fuck. He laughed and looked a little embarrassed but nodded his head yes several times. Gotta find a little bottom boy now. You’d be surprised which “straight” boys are bottoms here.

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