Prague Rent Boys – Part Two

I lived for 5+ years in Prague among that beautiful city’s rent boys — drinking, fucking, getting fucked, pimping, falling in love, and writing my heart out.

Then, they deported me.

This is the full, untold story, Part Two.

Originally published between July 2005 and October 2008.

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Když jsme byli naposledy spolu — The last time we were together

“You want suck me, no? You want sex Rudolfa la-tur?”
Here’s the thing. I knew one of us was bound to bring the subject up, and it was what I’d been thinking whenever I found myself wondering where he was, and if I’d ever see him again. But hearing him offer what I thought I wanted, I wasn’t sure I was up for it. I wanted to spend time with him, but I did want a little something more.

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