Prague Rent Boys – Part Two

I lived for 5+ years in Prague among that beautiful city’s rent boys — drinking, fucking, pimping, and writing my heart out.

Then, they deported me. This is the full, untold story, Part Two.

Originally published between July 2005 and October 2008.

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Arssi apologetics, occasioned by Romanian fazole

I’m typing this while eating a delicious Romanian dish prepared by Ovi-2. Basically it’s red beans — we couldn’t find any white beans here in Prague that weren’t smothered in a nasty, salty sauce of some kind — plus vegetables and a sour cream/egg mixture that thickened and enriched the stew. It’s prompted more than …

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My wake-up call

I was first up today, because of a message from BreederboyBreederboy was Steve King, a British sexpat who moved to Prague after being inspired by my blog. For some time, he was my number-one advocate,… asking if we were still shooting, but Ovi-2, naturally, was second. His dick was up before him evidently. “Hey, Rick!” …

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Pillow talk

Marius and I had an in-the-bed chat this morning about well, us. (I have to resist the urge to call him Grasshopper, as BryanBryan was an American expatriate and English teacher who became a blogger (The Homersexual) after he read mine. After getting stabbed in Moscow by two… has nicked him; but it just seems so …

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Prague lexicon: biznis

I’ve been taken to task via e-mail by Czech language “scholars” for misspelling many, many Czech words. My response has always been: My mistakes reflect my level of knowledge and are therefore consistent with the realism inherent in the blog form. If this were a book or a newspaper, I would have proofreaders and fact …

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