Prague Rent Boys – Part Two

I lived for 5+ years in Prague among that beautiful city’s rent boys — drinking, fucking, pimping, and writing my heart out.

Then, they deported me. This is the full, untold story, Part Two.

Originally published between July 2005 and October 2008.

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Cheatin’ time again

I’d noticed GeorgeGeorge was in his late 20s when introduced to me by Daniel, my live-in Roma “boyfriend” whom I had during my first six months in… had turned suddenly taciturn after we fucked. He’d quickly showered and retreated to his room. I thought maybe the sex had been bad for him (and even after …

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Cheatin’ time again, ctd.

This story has gone on too long; I need to get past it. GeorgeGeorge was in his late 20s when introduced to me by Daniel, my live-in Roma “boyfriend” whom I had during my first six months in… and I go to Rudolfa. He sees a young, femmy guy at a table, who’s a bartender …

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Aventures in the Dark with Pavel

Calling Pavel a rent boy is like calling Einstein a scientist, or James Franco an actor. Pavel and I got into a lot of trouble together, mostly drinking heavily and acting out, and I’ve no doubt that I’ve kissed him more than I’ve kissed any other man ever, even long-term boyfriends. Most people who saw us out together thought we were boyfriends, and we were, of a sort. Whatever we were, it was a unique relationship. Speshool, as Pavel might have said. I miss him terribly.

It’s not pneumonia

Thank the goddess my lungs are clear, or at least, they sound like it, according to the cute English-speaking woman who examined me at the hospital today. However, last night I woke myself up, and George’s girlfriend Denisa, choking and unable to breathe or swallow.  Through a weird series of strategies including holding my nose, force-swallowing/gulping …

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I haven’t choked in my sleep…

…for a couple of nights now since I started taking the expensive anti-biotic (Klacid, manufactured by Abbot Labs; so of course, they are expensive) prescribed by the nice female Czech doctor. Now the bronchial spasms are much less severe, and I can prevent myself from choking by sitting up, force-breathing, and resisting the urge to cough, which usually prompts …

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Arssi in the fantova karvarna, hlavní nádraží

A disappearing post

Note: Fully half of the last post disappeared for some reason. Embarrassing.  I remember writing and working on it, describing how I bought ArssiArssi née Michal was a tall, young, Czech Roma whom I first picked up at Prague’s main train station, hlavní nádraží. He eventually moved in… Chinese food from the only decent činsky  bistro at …

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