Finally breaking up with my Argentine boyfriend via Facebook chat

Translated from the Spanish
Juan: What’s wrong with me [that you don’t want to be with me]? [He’d finally seen the change in my relationship status.]

Rick: Juan, I love you but we can’t be together now.

Juan: You wouldn’t say that if you loved me. I love you but you don’t feel that it’s true.

Rick: You abandoned me in the hospital [after my second surgery]. You didn’t take care of me. When I told you I had cancer, 5 minutes later you were asking me for money. This is not love.

Juan: Rick, think what you want. But sometimes loves doesn’t cover all the necessities. [I didn’t quite understand his Spanish here and my Argentine friends don’t either.]

Rick: OK. I’ve always helped you, Juan, and we will be friends always. Goodbye. I wish you only happiness.


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