A piece of Igor, finally

Originally published on August 28, 2006.

A rather small piece at that — sorry, Igor — but a tasty one anyway.

As I usually do when I get money, I gathered up some of my favorite boys and invited them to a beer blow-out at U Rudolfa.

Igor and his Slovakian friends had already gotten me rather tipsy with cheap Tesco box-wine, all of us loitering and smoking outside the station. The weather’s slowly turning warmer and we are all enjoying the opportunity to pursue our vices and vocations outside rather than in the coldly styled, coldly lit, cold station. When I asked him if he wanted to go drink some beer, he smiled his big toothy smile, shrugged and said, “Yeah.”

Arssi is back in the station, after a brief stay in prison for beating the shit out of and hospitalizing some white boy who stole his mobile phone. You might remember Arssi as one of the gypsy boys who lived with me in the last apartment — the only rent boy on hand who didn’t make my life difficult. He was a genial card player, an easy-going drunk, and a good cook. He had also bought me food and gave me a few crowns during my first few awful days of homelessness. I never forget when boys who have nothing offer me some. Arssi had been hanging out on the balcony looking for biznis so I invited him along.

Miro’s back and he and I are getting along okay, collaborating on a few procurements, so I said I’d buy him a few, but not all night. He asked me if he could bring Pavel along; I’d never partied with Pavel although he’d always smiled and spoke to me when he saw me, ever since I got him three johns in one day.

[Editing this now — 2009-03-26 — I can’t believe it! This must be the first time I went to Rudolfa with Pavel and the first time we kissed. Neither he nor I have ever been able to remember the first time. Guess this blog is good for something.]

With my little posse we headed on over to Rudolfa, joining my Brit buddy, Manchester Lee, who had already tied a few on by that time. He was sitting at a table with a few of his Czech-boy buddies, but came over to join us soon enough. We quickly became the stars of the bar that night, the table where everyone wanted to sit.

I’m not sure at what point I decided I wanted Igor, but every time I looked at him, he flashed a shy smile and looked away. Guess he knew it before I did. So, I waved him over to sit on the other side of me, separating me from Lee who had been, as usual, talking my ear off. Miro was on my right, with Pavel right next to him.

The night was a lovely rush and a blur. Of beer-drinking, laughing and joking, my arms around Igor’s shoulders, his hands on my leg or rubbing my crotch. Earlier in the day I’d ask Miro to find me some desperate boy who would let me suck him and who would jack me off for 200 Kč, about all I’m willing to part with for meaningless, tension-relieving sex with a station boy. He found one, but he didn’t show up at the agreed-upon time. Typical.

Now as I rubbed Igor’s tight Iittle biceps, pushing my thigh closer to his, he looked at me and flexed and laughed, I wondered why the fuck I hadn’t thought of him before.

Potm we go toilet and I smoke you, OK?” I said suddenly.

Characteristic Slovak shrug. Then he turned his head to look me in the eye and said, “No problem.”

Beer after beer after beer. I have the memory of both kissing Miro and sucking off one of his fingers because it had just been up Pavel’s ass.

“Scandal!” Pavel exclaimed, laughing madly. A few minutes later Pavel tapped my arm and asked me something in Czech which I didn’t understand. Miro translated: “You want kiss him?”

I’m not sure why this request came shortly after I ingested his anal offal. But, hey, that’s his business.

“Umm, yeah. Sure. Why not?”

Pavel stood up, leaned over Miro and planted on me a very deep and butch, very long, powerful kiss. Several seconds later I leaned back kinda’ dazed.

“Good?” he asked.

“Very good,” I admitted. “Ještě jetno!” Another one! I demanded.

He laughed and gave me what would eventually be a series of dizzying combinations of tongue, lips and teeth. All very hot. All very strongly applied. Later I pissed Miro off by asking Pavel who was the better kisser. Pavel didn’t have to think hard.

Ty,” he said, remembering who was paying his tab.

Eventually I gave Igor that blow job and he was rather small, just like Chris had told me. (Just like with Joey, Igor ran to the toilet when I tapped his leg and told him it was time for a suck.) But I normally don’t care about that especially when I’m as fond of a boy as I am of Igor. He had a hard time getting it up at first, apologizing because he had been drinking all day. I had a hard enough time not falling over into the lidless toilet due to my own sloshy equilibrium.

His body’s not defined but hard and completely smooth, and it seemed like he couldn’t wait to offer me his nipples, which I happily took into my mouth. I kept telling him he was beautiful; he kept blushing, protesting through his smiles. Neither one of us came but it was fun.

Price: 6 or 7 20 Kč beers plus 200 Kč cash and some change.

After I paid the bill, Igor walked me to the station to get my backpack, looked both ways before kissing me goodbye and sauntered off to find a room in an ubytovna.

After 3 false starts, falling asleep on night trams and ending up at the end of the line twice, not knowing where the fuck I was, I found myself eventually on my side of the river, with a twisted ankle on a darkened path in the park. I picked myself up and found my campsite somehow, though.

Next morning, I found that someone had pulled my plastic tarp over my head during the night, something I had neglected to do as I struggled to fit all my insulation inside my sleeping bag. It had begun raining but I was dead to the world. Or maybe I did it and just didn’t remember.

A stranger’s kindness or a beer blackout? You decide.

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