Pražští nájemníci - část druhá

Více než pět let jsem žil v Praze mezi nájemnými chlapci z toho krásného města - chlastal jsem, šukal, dělal pasáka a psal si, co jsem chtěl.

Then, they deported me. This is the full, untold story, Part Two.

Originally published between July 2005 and October 2008.

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I wanna hold your…

Just a sidenote: I was getting hard find these photos of George on flickr. I’m getting hard writing this. Not many could see what I saw, but what a nice cock and bush.

House of Boys

The featured image is of Dominik, a nice kid and cute, very popular; but he never lived with me. Many punters in the scene got mad at me when I took him out of circulation and gave him to my sponsor. More on him in the subscriber-only section.

When the cat’s away…

I’d been wondering what GeorgeGeorge was in his late 20s when introduced to me by Daniel, my live-in Roma “boyfriend” whom I had during my first six months in… was going to do once we had some time alone. I didn’t have long to wait. His girlfriend had gone home early yesterday morning leaving him …

When the cat’s away… Číst dál "

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